Juja Kindergarten School

Welcome Message

The Early Years Education Programme aims at contributing to the emotional, physical, social and intellectual development of the young ones. It develops a positive and balanced image of themselves, helps them acquire personal independence and increase its effective capabilities. We promote children’s development through play and structured activities. This prepares them for a smooth transition to the primary school.


Juja Kindergarten School is delighted and honored that you are considering us for your child’s education. As an interested partner in fostering your child’s holistic development, we look forward to working with you through a closer partnership that will help your child achieve the best transformative education. At Juja Kindergarten School, we accept admissions throughout the year. We have internal mechanisms of assessing the child’s capability and thereafter advice on the appropriate level for placement.

We admit learners according to the following age group:

Class Age (years)
Playgroup/Crèche 2 – 3
Kindergarten(KG1) 3 – 4
Pre-Primary 1(PP1) 4 – 5
Pre-Primary 2(PP2) 5 – 6

Classes & Curriculum


Crèche/Play Group: 2-3 Years

This is the first exposure from home to School. According to Juja Kindergarten School, this is the most sensitive and crucial stage where a child starts to build and acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills. We are keen with the child, and we provide a lot of attention and training to help the child become independent at an early age. We provide a home away from home.


Kindergarten (KG1): 3-4 Years

At this level, we introduce the young ones to academic based activities on themes outlined in the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) syllabus. The pupils are also taught sounds and numbers. The themes covered are basically derived from the world around us. This helps the child to interact positively in the environment and to be more aware of themselves and others.


Pre-Primary 1 (PP1): 4-5 Years

This class comprises of pupils at age four. Pupils come from KG1 having learnt the sounds A – Z and are building up on language, making, reading and writing two and three letter words. They are still learning the aspect of sharing items of play, learning and feelings. They are also acquiring logical thinking, negotiation skills and survival skills. We train them how to be independent, confident and build their self-esteem through learning activities. Well articulated and integrated learning activities employed at this stage.


Pre-Primary 2 (PP2): 5-6 Years

The children have grown through the two stages of foundation learning and are on their way to Preparatory School. After PP2 we graduate pupils who are confident in performing their learning activities, and guiding their juniors in School activities day in day out. They are the big brothers and sisters in the Kindergarten. Sometimes it's heartbreaking for them to leave the warmth of the Kindergarten in which they have thrived to grow academically and physically.

Events Outside the Classroom


At Juja Kindergarten School we provide our pupils with a resourceful environment that is conducive for learning and where they can thrive and develop.
Training future farmers on food security. This helps the pupils learn how to care for plants and appreciate the types of food they eat.
Play Park
Different activities at the play park help the learners to build their large motor muscles as they enjoy themselves.
Resource Center
We opened our Resource Centre to expand learning experiences through E-learning and E-reading. We shall keep advancing it and ensuring we are up-to-date with the current materials for the Kindergarten level.
Music Classes
Through the Juja Music Academy, we offer Music lessons to our learners. Learners are taught how to play piano, violin & drums. Voice coaching/training is also offered as part of the music classes. Interested pupils should inquire with the principal.

Food and Nutrition

The pupils enjoy a balanced and nutritional diet through the week. Soft food that is easy to digest and chew for the little ones is provided. Fruits in season are provided to boost the vitamin nutrients in their diet.
Please notify us if your child has any food allergies or medical related information that we should know while caring for your child at school.


Juja Preparatory and Senior Schools have a safe transport system that picks students from their homes every morning and drops them in the late afternoon. Our highly maintained school buses are fitted with safety belts and other first aid gadgets that ensure the safety of students. Each vehicle has a minder that monitors the pupils while on transit.


Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools  offers of a stocked infirmary to look after the basic health and safety needs of  our students. This is led by a professionally trained  Registered Clinical Officer (RCO).
In the event of ill-health, the nurse will be right there. For  more serious cases, parents will be notified and if needed, the nearest hospital is just a three minutes drive away.
Parents are urged to discuss any pre-existing health conditions, allergies or concerns about their child’s health with the school through the Registered Clinical Officer.
The school provides a group personal accident cover for all students. However, please provide details of your child’s  medical cover to the administration.
We adhere to children’s rights and child protection protocols. All measures are in place to ensure safety in school.
This includes inside classrooms, science labs, the swimming pool, the Sports Academy and throughout the School. Safety is fundamental, comes first.

2020 Events Calendar

6th January 2021 Opening day
16th January 2021 Parents orientation
6th March 2021Scouts Investiture
10th – 12th March 2021 End term assessment
17th March 2021 Closing Day
18th March 2021 – 9th May 2021 Holiday
10th May 2021 Opening / Report Date Term 3
Monday 26th July 2021School Opening Day
Wed. 18th – Fri. 20th August 2021Mid-term Assessments
Thur.26th – Fri. 27th August 2021Mid-term Break
Mon. 30th August 2021Reporting Back
Mon 30th Aug. – 3rd Sept 2021Consultation week
Saturday 3rd August 2021Consultation Day
Saturday 18th Sept. 2021Sports Day
Tues. 21st Sept. – Fri. 24th Sept.End of Term Assessments
Thurs. 30th Sept. 2021Closing Day
Tues.12th October 2021Opening Day
Sat. 16th October 2021New parents’ Orientation
Sat. 20th Nov. 2021Cultural Day
Thurs. 9th Dec. – Tue. 14th Dec.End of term assessments
Thursday 16th Dec. 2021Christmas Carols/Closing Day

Please feel free to visit us or for more information call us on 0724 256050 / 0735 826204 or send us an email at info@jujapreparatory.ac.ke